Frequently Asked Question

Morocco In Tours
How can I book a tour?

You can contact us via our email address or feel free to contact Moha directly via WhatsApp +212662566379

How about Medicaments and health care in Morocco?

Inoculations are not required to Morocco. Pharmacies can be found almost in every small town in Morocco, where you can buy medicaments, pills, condoms. If you have any particular medicaments, you can bring them.

What should I pack?

Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, as you will be doing some walking in the cities and small villages such as Kasr Ait Ben Haddou. Women do not need to cover their heads, and jeans are fine for both men and women.

Who should I tip?

Tourism is considered one of the biggest pillars of the Moroccan economy and tips is a customary thing to in Morocco as you might do back at home.

With that said, in Morocco you can tip after you are offered a service and the amount of the tip can be judged depending on how good the services were.

What is the electrical system in Morocco?

Morocco voltage is 220V, 50 Hz (two pin round plugs). Always check your laptop or electronic items to make sure they can handle 100-240 volts

What about women travelling Morocco?

Morocco is an outgoing country. The late king Hassan 2 when he wanted to describe his kingdom he said “ Morocco is like a tree which roots are in Africa and the leaves are breathing the European air”, meaning that the kingdom is an openminded country where every gender is equal and every race is welcomed. Women can travel in Morocco without a single problem.

Do I need to be able to speak Arabic?

The answer is No. Morocco is a country where all the languages of the world are spoken. Moroccan people speak Darija which is the common language in every city in Morocco and they also speak, Berber, Arabic, French and Spanish because of the colonization. English is widely spoken among people working in tourism domain, in Hotels, Riads and Restaurant.

Can I smoke and drink alcohol in Morocco?

Morocco is considered to be one of the biggest producers of wine in the world, and it has wineries around the country. You can buy alcohol in supermarket or from a local liquor stores in big cities, however you can not drink alcohol publicly.

Morocco has prohibited smoking in public areas, however you can smoke everywhere you want with the exception of public places and official buildings. Majority of the cafes have a smoking area.

Can I e-mail and use a mobile phone in Morocco?

Morocco has one of the best internet and cell phone coverage in Africa. All the Hotels, Riads and Cafes have WI-FI you can use.

You will surprised to know that you can watch Youtube on the top of the sand dunes in the middle of the Sahara.